Founded by the up-and-coming guitar phenomenon Sonia Anubis (Ex-CRYPTA, Ex-BURNING WITCHES). COBRA SPELL is slithering its way into the revival era of the 80’s Glam and Heavy Metal sound. The worldwide sleaze quintet is completed with Kristina Vega on vocals, Sonia Anubis on Lead Guitar, Angelina Vehera on Bass, Noelle dos Anjos on Rhythm Guitar and Jess on Drums.

In September 2020, the band released their debut EP titled Love Venom. The songs paint a glistening image of night-life fun, reckless lust and sleazy love. Love Venom is an EP driven with many shred guitar parts, hook infused vocals and thunder-like rhythm sections. With this release, the band saw many positive reviews worldwide, pushing their drive to make new music even further.

In December 2021, the band gathered up in Madrid, Spain, to record their second EP.
Anthems Of The Night was recorded in December 2021 at PKO Studios. Produced, mixed and mastered by Alejandro Gabasa Barcoj from Comeback Studios. The band meticulously crafted 4 new songs, aptly fit for a summer’s night drive with the top down and the music loud.

They also shoot their first videoclips, for the songs “Addicted To The Night” (reaching  over 700k views in less than a half year) and “The Midnight Hour” (reaching over 250k views in 4 months).

After having toured with successful bands such as ROSS THE BOSS, ENFORCER and EVIL INVADERS. COBRA SPELL is armed and ready to take on all the stages worldwide, with a hunger to put on a show that will leave audiences around the globe speechless and wanting more!